What’s in the Book?

Based on research, Activate Your Agile Career connects observed behavior patterns with relatable stories from workers and entrepreneurs. The book explores the rise of the agile careerist as the powerful response to today’s changing work world. Even better? You’ll get actionable steps to become one.

Exploring economic, cultural, and technology drivers, you will understand why an agile career mindset is essential to flourishing in the future of work.

With a deeper understanding of career agility, you’ll be ready to dive into the practical tools and compelling exercises to pursue your unique career path.

Read the book if you are:

  • Looking to energize your teams and take them from uncertain to inspired leaders
  • Managing staff seeking to optimize their time and talents within your organization
  • Ready to explore the individual motivations of your staff
  • Restless or desire something more from your work life
  • Pondering a role reboot in sync with who you are meant to be

Career Agility Model

Learn the seven principles to take control of your future by adapting and responding to change.

“I am quite confident that reading this book, then working this book, will allow you to weave together a beautiful, successful, and meaningful career tapestry of your own.”

-Jody Michael, MCC, LCSW, Founder and CEO, Jody Michael Associates

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