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Marti is a Workplace Futurist With an Agile Mindset

Your executives, teams, and employees will learn from her straight talk about the future of work and excitement about sharing the agility framework. An idea that helps employers and employees discover innovative and productive ways of working together in the rapidly changing workplace.

With decades of brand research experience, marketing leadership chops, and a passion for clear communications, her presentations are more than opinions. Her lively discussions are grounded in research and methodical practice.


Marti speaks about the future of work, agility trends, research findings, and her book.


  • Adapt or Die: How Agility will Future-Proof Your Career
  • How to Cultivate a Workforce of Happy Profitable Employees: What's in it For You and Your Organization


  • Four Types of Agility for Your Executive Career
  • How Agility Affects the Future of Work
  • How Agile Trends Affect Companies and the People who Work for Them

Presentations can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

"Marti has a system for staying relevant in the workplace. As a speaker, she addresses what has to change now to own your place in the future of work. She is engaging and poses thought-provoking questions to the audience, creating highly interactive experiences. Her presentation was polished, professional, and clever!"

-Melissa G Wilson, Publisher and five-time bestselling author

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