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Deeper Dives and Actionable Insights for the Interested

Professional development and leadership training rank high on the employee expectation list. Capture the interest and attention of your most valuable employees. Join Marti in facilitated exercises and interactive discussions with your team members.

Learn more and do more by putting your ideas into action through exercises and interactive conversation.

With decades of brand research experience, executive leadership chops, and a passion for clear communications, Marti is wired for moving things forward. Her workshops will provide you with the tools and techniques for making progress on your goals.

Marti conducts workshops about the future of work, agility trends, research findings, and her book, Activate Your Agile Career, How Responding to Change Will Inspire Your Life’s Work .

  • How to cure stagnant thinking by adopting agility principles
  • Agile exercises as a catalyst for innovation: How to create and manage an idea zone for growth
  • Adapt or die: How to respond to technology, economic, and personal change to create a recession proof career
  • 7 Agility Principles that will energize you and your teams
  • Connect the dots of employer and employee brand building for mutual benefit
  • Kickstart executive brands for leaders: definition, messaging, content development, and effective communication

Workshops can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

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