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Marti is a workplace futurist with an agile mindset.

Your company, organization, educational institution, or association can engage directly with her. From workshops and training sessions, to keynotes, talks, panel moderation and participation, events can be customized for your specific needs.

Your executives, teams, and employees will learn from her straight talk about the future of work and excitement about sharing the career agility framework. An idea that helps employers and employees discover ways of working together in the rapidly changing workplace.

With decades of brand research experience, marketing leadership chops, and a passion for clear communications, her presentations are more than opinions. Her lively discussions are grounded in research and methodical practice.

Keynotes, Presentations, and Workshops

Marti speaks about the future of work, agility research findings, and her book, Activate Your Agile Career, How Responding to Change Will Inspire Your Life’s Work. Her speeches cover some of the following topics:

  • Adapt or get left behind: How to respond to technology, economic, and personal change to create a recession proof career
  • Agility research briefings: interviews, trends, and findings from primary and survey research
  • The future of work & working: trends, the way we work, the freelance and gig economies
  • Reframe the way you think about and manage your career in 90 days
  • The common ground of employer and employee brand building
  • 7 Actions: How to activate your agile career
  • Optimize your career brand through your personal marketing campaign: definition, messaging, content development, and effective communication

Presentations can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

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Marti is available for keynotes, presentations, panels, and workshops. She has inspired groups from San Fransisco to Chicago to Boston, and beyond. Her audiences include: work professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs, career coaches, freelancers, HR professionals, talent recruiters, talent developers, and students.

She works with corporations, associations, event producers, and universities to deliver these messages.

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    Here’s What Others are Saying

    Nick Nickholson
    Nick Nicholson
    Business Transformation (IT and Project Management)
    As a contract consultant, I live and breathe the career agility Marti preaches. Her insights are spot-on in areas of career branding and the need to sense and respond to the new rules of job relevance. To remain job relevant, I agree you must be accountable for your own career path.
    Parissa Behnia
    Business Growth Strategist
    Times have changed. How people define career success has changed.

    People have started to view how they navigate their careers differently from before – thanks to the Great Recession and the rapid advances in technology. More and more, they are taking control and charting their career paths as opposed to accept what is dictated to them.

    Marti Konstant has been on the forefront of this shift and has interviewed dozens of people to see what the hallmarks are of an agile careerist versus a steadfast one. She’s also uncovered what people are doing to achieve their own, customized definition of satisfaction and happiness in their careers.

    Octavia Reese
    Software Trainer, Author, and Artist
    While I was in survival mode and my struggles were more boisterous than my successes, Marti’s personal branding advice quite literally helped redefine my life and story. She reminded me who I am, how I contribute to the world, how to accentuate my strengths, empowering me to connect the best skills in my portfolio.

    Marti inspired me to reshape my inner voice to find the best possible fit for me, not just the best possible fit for the situation.

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